Oh! What Fun it is to Have a Personalized Holiday Item

We started offering a Personalized Pumpkin many years ago. Styles have changed several times and so has our vendor.  Then we added Holiday items – Penguins, Snowman Snuggles, and Let-It Snow-Man.  The challenges with these items are, of course:  (1) they are final sale (since it’s hard to sell a Penguin that says “Henry” to anyone who isn’t Henry, no matter how great and regal the name might be), and (2) it takes time to get them in the store. Someone sitting in a studio is hand carving all these personalized items with your personalized name on it.  Understandably, it takes time.  Moreover, the more orders we get, the longer it can take because only so many talented people carve out names on these bisques. And because of their dimensions, it takes a bit of room in the kiln to then fire these personalized items into the bisque you receive – all set for you to paint the way you like.  And Heaven forbid something goes wrong in the firing once you’ve painted it and entrusted into our skilled hands.  Unhappy customers mean unhappy Paint Away minions.  No one is happy in this scenario, because you can’t get the piece you’ve been looking forward to displaying in your home with your personalized name personally painted by you, and we can’t replace it soon enough to make you happy (because it takes time).    

But we’ve decided that if we offer it year round (starting now!), perhaps there will be some of you that will order it sooner rather than later.  We know some will still wait to order until the very last day and have just enough time to finish painting it so we can fire just in time for you to get it either by Halloween or Christmas Eve – depending which personalized piece you ordered – and we sit here anxiously and warily hoping nothing goes wrong during our firing.  Of course, 99% of the time nothing goes wrong.  Absolutely nothing!  But sometimes, for whatever misguided luck we might be encountering – perhaps the moon and stars didn’t quite align properly that night, something does go wrong, and we’re all... well, you know.  

So don’t wait too long.  Check it out now and order soon if you’re wanting a Personalized Holiday Item – because it is fun to have! 

Posted on June 2, 2015 and filed under Happenings.