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Summer Camp Inspirations

It can be a challenge to come up with new projects year after year, especially when we have to develop our Summer Camp Program shortly after Christmas.  Parent Map’s Camp Fair is always held in February at St. Thomas School in Medina – and we must have our program or at least our camp schedule done by then, preferably with some inspiring samples to showcase too.  This year, just as we were winding down from our busy holiday season and turning to a quickly growing backlog of auction projects, we weren’t able to finish a single camp project by the time the camp fair came around. But luckily, our ideas and inspirations never stop percolating!  And somehow, we always manage to come up with a new slate of projects to delight kids of all ages.  

This year, we found encouragement in abstract designs.  Take a look at our painted canvas bag and one of our painted canvas frames for 6 to 8 year olds.  We also found inspiration from the movie “Up” with our darling canvas painting/mixed media project for kids 9 years old and up.  We enjoyed creating the “Square Box Totted-up” because our campers get to pick their own “tots” to create a habitat for them.  Our robot paper-mache was inspired by Star Wars droid (though ours look better, IMHO).   We hope to bedazzle our campers with the glass picture frame – something that will hopefully sit on their dresser with pictures of them with friends for many years to come (and serve as a reminder of the camp they attended here).  We created so many projects – some simple, and some more complex for the older campers.  We will teach painting techniques along the way, and teach other types of medium such as clay, paper mache, glass fusing, and tye dying. But most of all, we hope this year is as enjoyable as all the other years that have inspired some kids to enroll for art camp twice in the same summer, because they had such a blast that they can’t fathom seeing it end!  

Enjoy the photos from our different camp offerings.

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Oh! What Fun it is to Have a Personalized Holiday Item

We started offering a Personalized Pumpkin many years ago. Styles have changed several times and so has our vendor.  Then we added Holiday items – Penguins, Snowman Snuggles, and Let-It Snow-Man.  The challenges with these items are, of course:  (1) they are final sale (since it’s hard to sell a Penguin that says “Henry” to anyone who isn’t Henry, no matter how great and regal the name might be), and (2) it takes time to get them in the store.

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We've got new paints!

Why we switched to Gare Paints

After using Mayco’s Stroke & Coat paints for over 15 years, we have switched to Gare Fun Stroke Paint. It’s a change we've been thinking of making, but because of our deep commitment to buying and supporting local, we have delayed this decision until our local vendor retired.

Switching paints is never easy. We have to test the paints in so many ways and ask a lot of questions:

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Our New Website

Our new website is officially live! The new site will help us better keep connected to our amazing customers. We'll also be able to show you more of the creative things you can do at the Paint Away studio!

Just for the sake of posterity, here's a screenshot of our old site (gone but not forgotten!):

Our first website! 2004-2015

Our first website! 2004-2015

Let us know if you have any ideas you'd like to see come to life on our new website!

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